Indoor VS Outdoor Wedding

Choosing an indoor or outdoor wedding is a very important deciding factor when it comes to planning the look and feel of your big day. Think of this step as your starting off point, depending on which option you choose will influence each decision you make thereafter. Here are our top reasons why we love both indoor and outdoor weddings!
One of the biggest perks of having an indoor wedding is predictability. If the weather is a concern than an indoor wedding is a perfect way to eliminate that stress. Plus your guests can relax knowing their formal attire will be free and clear of any rain or sweat. Not to mention no will be too hot or cold. This alone allows for a more enjoyable experience for your loved ones!
Another great perk of an indoor wedding is decorating ease. No need to worry about wind, rain or even sun limiting your design options. If you are envisioning hanging florals and sweeping drapes, an indoor space typically allows for a wide variety of easy installation!
If the weather is not an issue for you and you always dreamt of an outdoor wedding then we got you covered!
Nothing beats natural lighting. From a photography standpoint, everything photographs better in natural light! The wedding dress will pop, hair and makeup will look flawless and florals will be a show stopper.
Also deciding on an outdoor venue gives guests an opportunity to be out in nature and witness breathtaking scenery.
Why both options provide completely different advantages, your wedding day should be a time you look back on that truly embodies your true love with your partner. Remember to stay true to who you are as a couple, while still considering your guest’s experience and there will be no doubt your wedding day will be absolutely perfect!
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